Pont des Arts, Paris.

(Photo via Paris Cherie)

Pont des Arts, the Lover’s Bridge, Paris.

I admit it; the romance of Paris is getting to me. It’s strange, I’ve never had much interest in going to Paris. Of course I’d love to go there, I’d love to go anywhere! But I’m more interested in a bit of adventure, the wild, less interested in city walls, streets and museums. But from learning French, I’ve found the movies and music really enjoyable and has given me a newfound interest in seeing Paris.

Pont des Arts Paris 8

Two photos via Nomadosophy)

I love the idea of the Lover’s Bridge. I would like to put a lock there myself (:

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4 Responses to Pont des Arts, Paris.

  1. vstathers says:

    Paris is definitely my favourite European city for its architecture alone! Plus the shopping’s pretty great ha

  2. kilaheem says:

    Funny, I think this is where I’m going next. I like to read something before I go to a city so I have something to look at. I don’t know much about France other than Rimbaud, Jim Morrison’s grave and that they gave Ginsberg an award.

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